Theme package introduction

The theme package is a file with extension .MTZ, its nothing but the MIUI Theme Zip.

To open or create a new MTZ file you need MIUI theme editor tool
(Download here:

Basic modules in a MIUI theme

clock_2x4 (Clock Widget)  (Contacts and Dialer) (File Explorer) (Messaging)  (Downloads)  (Settings) (Notifications and Recent tasks manager) (Updater)

com.miui.antispam (Ant spam or do not disturb)

com.miui.backup (Backup)

com.miui.home (Home screen)

com.wali.miui.networkassistant (Network Flow)

framework-miui-res (MIUI framework)

framework-res (Android framework)

icons (Icons)

Files from MIUI framework are mainly used for storing file various interfaces of UI will be invoked to something, such as a button, pop, the progress bar, each will be used small icon, and so on, such as the current module did not want to modify the material, you can go to find a global.

Optional Theme Modules:

Miwallpaper (Dynamic Wallpaper)

icons\fancy_icons (Dynamic Icons)

com.miui.home.freestyle (Free Desktop)