Preparation for theme development

Before you start with developing a theme you need to do some preparation.

  1. You should have a MIUI device equipped with at least 720P or 1080P screen resolution.
    ( Devices equipped with 720P or 1080P are preferred because it will help you develop a theme without any bugs and with better adaptation on both resolutions)
  2. MIUI system needs to be MIUI V6 version or above, You can download and also find tutorial for flashing  latest version of MIUI here : 
  3. Download the MIUI theme editor for Windows PC here : 
  4. Download and install ‘Mi PC Suit’ :  (Available only for windows)
  5. Activate developer mode in your phone. Go to settings- about phone- click on MIUI version for few times to unlock developer options. After that go to Additional settings-Developer options-USB debugging mode and make sure that the USB debugging mode is on in developer settings.  
  6. Now connect the phone to Mi PC suite and the computer will automatically install the drivers, then you can connect on a Theme Editor.
  7. Other software tools: Photoshop, NOTEPAD ++.


1] Using it on MAC: 

First install JAVA on your mac
(Download here: )

Then install Android file transfer(Download here:

Download the theme editor and run.

2] “Import failed”  troubleshooting steps:

  1. First check whether the USB debugging mode is on, steps to check:  settings – additional settings – developer options – USB debugging mode.
  2. Open Mi PC suite and check if your phone is connected properly.
  3. Open Task Manager to see if there are more than one ADB processes running, find and close it. Recommended to uninstall or disable other process of adb.
  4. In the Theme Editor menu click on “Fix adb” (windows only)
  5. Try different USB or replace the cable.