Develop Notes(Beginngers)

Hello Everyone,

For your convenience, we are trying to summarize some of the common problems you may face while developing a theme, and we’ll continue to update this QA.Hope this article will help you.

Q1: What are the prerequisites for developing a theme?

Q.2:  I’ve heard that Xiaomi developed a tool where we can develop MIUI themes at pixel level,where can I download it?

  • Advanced version: MIUI theme editor tool supports developing icons, Home Screen, Dialer interface, contacts, SMS, Notifications and toggles, Settings and other system interface.
    You can refer this forum link to download MIUI theme editor.
  • Basic Edition: This is an online theme editor that supports three pre-sets of lock screen templates, icons, dialer interface, contacts, notification and toggles, SMS
    Link for online theme editor tool

Q.4: How to troubleshoot “import failed” error?

  • This error occurs mainly due to ADB drivers, find solution here.